Hello All! With the exciting changes, Google Authorization "keys" need to be changed to ensure secure access. Below are three options for completing this urgent task. If your assessments is coming up, please complete the change as soon as possible to ensure your access is uninterrupted. We recommend you perform this setup immediately.

The first step is to login to your account as you normally would, then a QR code is displayed with the title "TPG Authentication", which is short for The Periscope Group!



  1. Self-help - Watch a video and follow step by step pictures.
  2. Open a ticket -Give us a convenient time and we'll schedule it...fast!

Mobile (Phone/Tablet/Android)

1.    Download Google Authenticator onto your mobile device (existing users with Google Auth app go to step 4)

a.    iOS device here. 

b.    Android here.

2.    Install Google Authenticator and leave open in the background

3.     In your browser, access periscope365.com on your mobile phone and choose "Log in"

4.    Log in with your current username and password

(Screen below will appear)

5.   Access Google Authenticator running in background and press “Begin Setup”.   



6.    Then select “Scan a QR Code” or "Enter a setup key".     


7.    Enter "Periscope" or "TPG" in the Account field.  



8.    Copy the "Key" (by pressing on the code and select "copy") on your mobile device. Or, you can manually enter it into “Key” field.

NOTE: Ensure “Time based” is set to “On”, (pushed to the right).

9.    Google Authenticator presents a code to enter into TPG Authentication field labeled “Enter your code”.

Note 1: This code changes every 15 seconds. The font color changes to red right before code changes.

Note 2: The 6-digit code is entered as ######, no spaces or "-".

10.    Pro Tip: Check the box “Trust this device”. This will save you from having to do the whole process again on this mobile device.  

NOTE: Signing into a new browser, even on a trusted device, or a new device entirely, will prompt you to enter the Google Authorization code. 

Congratulations!  You're looking at your new account in Periscope. 


If any of the steps above did not help in resolving a Google Authorization issue, please contact us by submitting a support ticket at: https://dmecg.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new