Sometimes the hardest part of a new job is just getting started on the right track. Here is a quick list to help you save time.


DO: Test your account access prior to visiting the member's home. You may ask yourself: Is the member's home in my cell provider's network or out in the boonies? When was the last time I logged in and ran through assessment questions?  

DON'T: Wait until you're in front of the member to access the platform for the first time and find out your password expired. Log in a few hours before your assessment time to ensure everything is in order and accessible.

DO: Have a backup plan in case Wi-Fi/cellular network access is slow or nonexistent. (Keep a printed copy of the assessment questions handy or a electronic PDF copy on your device.)

DON'T: When you don't have access to the internet through your own secure device, do not use the member's Wi-Fi network to access the platform. There are security and insurance risks involved when using an unknown member asset (If you can't use your own secure network device, go to your back up plan.)

DO: Carry your DME-CG identification with you at all times when performing assessments to prove you are a clinician performing assessments on behalf of DME-CG.

Clinical Assessment Questions (When you get stuck and need professional assistance.)

DO: Contact your assigned reviewer first. Reviewers are here to help and can answer  just about any question quickly. 

Scheduling and Logistics  

DO: Contact the administration team. For scheduling, member contact details or general process questions, this team will assist.

Technical Issues  

DO: Try a self-help by checking out the knowledge base. If you can't find the fix, open a ticket on the support page and one of the customer care staff will respond. 

DO: Attach screen shots, notes or steps to duplicate the issue to assist us in a speedy repair.

DON'T: Contact your reviewer before opening a support ticket. Opening a support ticket is the quickest way possible to having your issue resolved. If its an emergency or you haven't received a response quick enough to your ticket, then contact your reviewer