A good email address is key to any business, conveying credibility and expertise in one simple line. Gmail and Yahoo email addresses don't have the same impact; AOL and Hotmail addresses show your age more than your old jokes.  Addresses like "cutekitty@gmail.com", or "tootybooty@yahoo.com" work against you in establishing credibility, and actually getting more work. Ask yourself: would you select a doctor with an email address of "rhinowilly@hotmail.com"? Remember: Your email address is sometimes the first impression people receive before meeting you.

Here three steps to a cheap and easy professional email address:

  1. Register a domain name. For $2.50 to $9 a year, you can register your business or have a custom domain name. These domains usually come with free email with the domain order (Checkout Go Daddy domain registration).

  2. Set up your signature line.  Create a professional looking signature line with all your details - name, phone number and address. Don't get too crazy on designs, just the facts.

  3. Security. Make sure your email is secured with a strong password.  

Sample signature

Bob Wiley | Customer Care Agent

Mail: bwiley@dme-cg.com

Cell: (415) 555-1212

Remember the old adage: "You only get one chance at first impressions". Make it a winner!